Congratulations – you’re having a baby!! Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, you’re in for an incredible ride. While a growing bump, glowing hair and skin, and magical flutters and kicks are all exciting parts of the process, there are plenty of physical parts of pregnancy that are a lot less…fun. After […]

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Working out while pregnant can be confusing. We know that staying active is best, but things get complicated when determining which exercises are safest and which should be avoided. However, when you have an amazing resource like Trimester Fit Body in your community, an active pregnancy is easy and fun! Their team will help you […]

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Congratulations – you’re pregnant!! If you haven’t noticed already, you may soon discover many of the miraculous changes your body will be going through to bring your baby into the world. Whether you’ve always been active or looking for a new way to stretch out tired muscles, prenatal yoga in Philadelphia is a fabulous solution […]

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Pregnancy is wild. Feeling your growing baby move inside of you is one of the most bizarre and miraculous things you’ll ever experience. But all of the female empowerment and gratification that pregnancy brings is also joined by some more unfortunate side effects. After all, your body is changing, squeezing, and growing to accommodate the […]

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Whether you are expecting your first or fourth baby, there is always something new to learn! Whether it’s a new approach to childbirth, life-saving skills like infant CPR, or lactation assistance, parenting classes are the perfect way to equip yourself for parenthood. We have several fabulous birthing classes in Philadelphia available to parents and parents-to-be. […]

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If we’re honest, baby showers tend to get a bad reputation. Once the invitation comes in the mail, the vast majority of people roll their eyes as they picture boring games and less-than-delicious food. And that’s a shame. Babies are exciting! Every parent should have the opportunity to throw the party of the century as […]

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While pregnancy should be an exciting time, it can be hard to enjoy it when you’re constantly battling with anxiety. The truth is, having a baby means throwing yourself into an ocean of mysteries. While there’s no way to know exactly what will happen throughout your delivery, there are ways to make sure you feel […]

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When you’re pregnant, fitness is the last thing you want to consider. You’re constantly tired, your body is sore, and your feet have decided that maybe they don’t need to fit in sneakers after all. As upsetting as it is, exercise is actually pretty important in this phase. Not only does it give you energy, […]

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If you’re pregnant, you don’t need me to tell you that you could really use a massage. These months can cause some intense strain on your muscles, making it hard to get through the day. While a prenatal massage will help you with some of these aches, it will also relieve common symptoms by increasing […]

A mom to be in a blue maternity dress looks down her shoulder while standing in a garden gazebo philadelphia prenatal massage


Being a busy working Mom, I understand how we don’t always have the time to do it all. When this stunning Mama reached out to me for her maternity session, she explained that her hands were full and she was busy (reno, work, life, etc!). I get this which is why I consider myself a […]

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