October 2, 2023


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Get a Pregnancy Massage in Newtown at David J. Salon and Spa!

Pregnancy is wild. Feeling your growing baby move inside of you is one of the most bizarre and miraculous things you’ll ever experience. But all of the female empowerment and gratification that pregnancy brings is also joined by some more unfortunate side effects. After all, your body is changing, squeezing, and growing to accommodate the beautiful baby growing in your belly! Several of those uncomfortable side effects, however, can be soothed with pregnancy massage in Newtown. 

A prenatal massage, or pregnancy massage, is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of a pregnant body. Rather than lying face-down on the massage table, you’ll lie on your side, leaving more space for your belly and still giving your massage therapist access to your back. Prenatal massages tend to be less intense than a regular massage but are just as relieving. 

Multiple studies have shown that women who receive massage therapy while pregnant have less depression and anxiety, as well as leg and back pain. A prenatal massage can alleviate discomfort, reduce swelling, increase circulation, and even help to regulate hormone levels. Moms-to-be who get massages also tend to sleep better due to a release of endorphins and the relaxation of the nervous system that comes with a massage. 

A mother to be in a tan maternity gown lays on a bed with feet on the wall holding her bump Prenatal massage in newtown

Check Out David J. Witchell Salon and Spa For A Pregnancy Massage in Newtown

Are you expecting but still not convinced of the benefits of prenatal massage? Try one for yourself! David J. Witchell Salon and Spa right here in Newtown offers them at their beautiful facility. Keep reading to find out what makes them one of the best spots for a pregnancy massage in Newtown! 

About David J. Witchell Salon and Spa Newtown Pregnancy Massage

David J. Witchell Salon and Spa was designed to transport every guest into another place and time, far away from the stresses of everyday life. Whether you’re in search of a new look, need an indulgent facial, or are ready to embrace massage therapy, your visit to their spa will leave you feeling totally refreshed and much closer to feeling like your best self. 

The salon opened over 20 years ago with 7 dedicated employees. Today, David J. Witchell is home to over 160 talented employees, each of whom has been personally trained by David and his wife and business partner, Galina. You’ll always receive quality treatment from a highly trained individual. 

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Sure, you could visit Newtown for a delicious pregnancy massage and then be on your way, but why not schedule a full day of mom-to-be indulgence? In addition to your massage, you can treat yourself to a spa mani/pedi or some luxurious eyelash extensions. Even better is to add an indulgent facial to help treat hormonally temperamental skin, rejuvenating and rehydrating to leave you feeling totally refreshed. 


In case a fabulous spa treatment or two isn’t quite enough for your brain, when you visit David J. Witchell Salon and Spa, you’ll love shopping in their fantastic retail spaces. Find a new beauty product to take home or a delicious candle to make your home feel just as spa-like as the actual spa. 

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Pregnancy Massage Newtown

If you’re pregnant and experiencing some of the typical aches and pains of growing a new human, I highly encourage you to try a prenatal massage. Contact David J. Salon and Spa to schedule your pregnancy massage in Newtown

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