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Relieve Common Aches With a Prenatal Massage in Princeton

Congratulations – you’re having a baby!! Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, you’re in for an incredible ride. While a growing bump, glowing hair and skin, and magical flutters and kicks are all exciting parts of the process, there are plenty of physical parts of pregnancy that are a lot less…fun. After all, as your baby grows, so does your body! You may experience symptoms like swelling, soreness, aching, nausea, and plenty of other unsavory (and completely natural) discomforts. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help you feel better, including getting a prenatal massage in Princeton

A pregnant mother in a floral dress stands in a studio smiling down to the bump with her husband after a prenatal massage princeton

What Is A Prenatal Massage In Princeton?

Prenatal massage is a specialized form of massage therapy specifically catered to pregnant bodies. They typically utilize Swedish massage techniques like gentle pressure while making modifications like having you lay on your side rather than your back or belly. Prenatal massage therapists may also avoid sensitive areas like your feet due to pressure points that have been rumored to induce labor. 

There are plenty of benefits to prenatal massage that make it well worth any pregnant woman’s time. It helps increase circulation, which in turn reduces swelling in tender feet and hands. Prenatal massage can ease tired muscles and tendons, alleviating lower back pain and shoulder tension. Plus, it’s no wonder your mind is racing like crazy these days with everything to do and prepare before your baby’s arrival; prenatal massage can help you let go of some of the stress and mental overload, letting you relax and even sleep better at night! 

If you’re going to book a prenatal massage, be sure that you’re scheduling with someone who has been specially trained to facilitate them. There are plenty of nuances involved in a prenatal massage in order to keep pregnant mamas and their babies safe, so make sure your massage therapist knows exactly what they’re doing! Also, keep in mind that most massage therapists won’t perform a massage on pregnant women in their first trimester due to a higher risk for miscarriage. But you should be good to go in your second and third trimesters!

A mother to be sits on a bench in a studio holding her bump and looking out a window

The Top 2 Locations For A Prenatal Massage In Princeton

If you live in Princeton and are ready to book a prenatal massage, you’ve come to the right place! For your consideration, here are two studios that offer prenatal massage in Princeton. 

Tranquility Den Massage

301 North Harrison Street, Princeton, NJ 08540

Tranquility Den Massage is a lavishly zen studio that offers three types of massage. Full body, chair massage, and Den massage. The Den massage offers unique and whimsical rooms with plush recliners and focuses on the lower legs and feet, meaning you don’t have to disrobe (a great option for after your baby is here!) Their full body massages can be customized to your particular needs, including prenatal treatment. 

Alchemy Mind And Body

4451 State Highway 27, Princeton, NJ 08540

Alchemy Mind and Body is all about relaxation. They offer a multitude of spa services designed to pamper and indulge every client. Alchemy Mind and Body uses high-quality products to deliver extra luxurious services. Enjoy the benefits of facials, foot soaks, and, of course, rejuvenating massages. Another perk for when you’re not pregnant is their outdoor hydrotherapy tubs. These private and reservable hot tubs perfect for releasing tension and letting your body relax. 

A pregnant mother stands in a studio wearing a floral dress and playing with her toddler daughter holding the bump after a prenatal massage princeton

Enjoy The Relief From A Prenatal Massage In Princeton From One Of These Great Locations

These options for prenatal massage in Princeton are a great way to treat yourself to a little relief in this tender phase of life. Or, if you’re reading this on behalf of someone who’s pregnant, a prenatal massage makes a pretty excellent gift…hint hint…

Another Great gift can also be newborn and maternity photos! This special time in your family’s life should be captured and cherished. I know firsthand how important this time is. So, I love helping families turn these memories into timeless art for their homes. So reach out today to chat about your dream Princeton motherhood photos!



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