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6 Philadelphia Doulas to Guide You Through The Birthing Process

While pregnancy should be an exciting time, it can be hard to enjoy it when you’re constantly battling with anxiety. The truth is, having a baby means throwing yourself into an ocean of mysteries. While there’s no way to know exactly what will happen throughout your delivery, there are ways to make sure you feel prepared for any scenario. By hiring a doula, you’ll have a constant advocate who will let you feel ready for every aspect of having a baby. If you could really use a professional helper right now, let me tell you about some of the best Philadelphia doulas.

Get The Professional Support You Need With These Six Philadelphia Doulas 

Philly Doula Co-op

Philly Doula Co-Op is a group of diverse doulas committed to helping you have the birth experience that’s best for you. All the doulas are highly trained and committed to providing inclusive care for every family. They’ll support you for nearly every birth decision and ensure you have the tools to make it happen! The team offers birth and postpartum doulas and have an Access Fund so their services can be available to everyone within the community. 

Nested Birth Doula

While many doulas are focused on helping you get through labor, Megan Mauger at Nested Birth Doula Philadelphia is concerned about what comes next. While she does work with expecting parents, Megan specializes in acting as a parent support as well as a postpartum doula. She provides you with non-judgmental support and will give you dependable information so you can make knowledgeable decisions for your family. She’ll also watch the baby, do light housekeeping, and provide sleep support. 

New parents sit together on the edge of a bed looking down at their sleeping newborn baby in dad's lap philadelphia doulas

Darvana Doula Services

Darlene Vanasco (Darvana, for short) is a birth and postpartum doula who supports all birth choices. With Darlene, you’ll have two prenatal appointments, continuous labor support, and a postpartum visit. During the prenatal appointments, you’ll go over your options and learn about the different ways you can prepare for labor. 

Doulas of Philadelphia

At Doulas of Philadelphia, they want you to be the best parent possible. The group provides postpartum support to ensure you can take on every aspect of the newborn stage. They provide both daytime and overnight care. They’ll provide you with advice, give you support, take on infant tasks, keep your fridge stocked, and let you get some solid rest. The group provides sleep coaching so you can have long-term assistance. 

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Inner Circle Midwifery

Inner Circle Midwifery is a group of birth professionals who provide moral support throughout your labor. The practice has a long list of experienced midwives. So you can find the perfect doula for your family. They’ll cheer you on as they help you get emotionally and physically prepared for your delivery. 

Northern Star Doula

Northern Star Doulas was started by Nicole Sawyers Todd to teach expecting Philadelphia parents how to listen to their intuition. Nicole supports all forms of birth and will educate you on your options so you can build the birth plan that’s best for you. She’ll also work with your partner to teach them how to be a good birth support person. Nicole provides both birth and postpartum doulas. 

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Philadelphia Doulas

Having a baby is not for the faint of the heart, but there are experts out there who will make you feel strong enough to handle it. With these Philadelphia doulas, you can go through pregnancy with total confidence! 

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