October 28, 2023


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Gain Strength During Pregnancy with Trimester Fit Body!

Working out while pregnant can be confusing. We know that staying active is best, but things get complicated when determining which exercises are safest and which should be avoided. However, when you have an amazing resource like Trimester Fit Body in your community, an active pregnancy is easy and fun! Their team will help you learn how to properly strengthen your body as you prepare for the baby, after giving birth, and beyond. 

About Trimester Fit Body

Trimester Fit Body Studio is a brand new pre & postnatal fitness studio in Doylestown. While the studio opened in October of 2022, the business started in 2016 when owner Megan Rosenfeld was pregnant with her first child. She was frustrated by a lack of prenatal fitness classes in her hometown of Santa Monica, CA. Although there were plenty of prenatal yoga and Pilates classes, she couldn’t find anything for strength training. So, she created it herself! 

Today, their bright, sunlit studio offers a modern approach to fitness throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. It’s a place where women can gather to feel supported and empowered, all while staying active and fit throughout their motherhood journey. 

A mom to be stands in a large window leaning into the chest of her husband as they both hold the bump trimester fit body


Trimester Fit Body offers women several ways to practice strength training throughout pregnancy and postpartum safely. To begin, you can start with a 75-minute consultation session that will help you learn how to connect with your pelvic floor and deep core properly. This includes a full assessment with Megan to determine exactly what your body needs and the training it can handle. 

From there, you can join their group classes or work with Megan in private one-on-one sessions. Their prenatal classes consider each trimester, mentally and physically, preparing you for childbirth and motherhood. Plus, you’ll build an incredible community of fellow moms-to-be who also focus on strengthening and connecting with their pregnant bodies. 

Trimester Fit Body’s postpartum classes are for once your doctor has cleared you to exercise. Whether early on in your postpartum journey or just looking to get back into strength training in the years after having a baby, Trimester Fit Body is an excellent place for you. All of their classes are small, with a maximum of 6 participants, so your experience can be tailored to meet you exactly where you are in your fitness journey.

A mom to be in a blue maternity gown stands at the bottom of a large staircase looking over her shoulder and holding the bump by a magnolia tree after visiting trimester fit body


Trimester Fit Body runs under a mom, FOR moms, so they understand your challenges with a little one. That’s why they’re a baby-friendly studio! If you need to bring your baby along to your workout, that’s totally fine; just try to bring something to keep them occupied (and if it doesn’t work, no worries! They – and you – are still welcome.) 

Additionally, you don’t have to be pregnant or postpartum to enjoy one of their workouts; mothers in any phase of life are welcome to join a class. They’ll help you learn how to keep up with the demands of motherhood while prioritizing your fitness and health. 

Trimester Fit Body

Trimester Fit Body is the perfect place to focus your fitness journey throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. If you’re looking for something a little more intensive than a yoga or Pilates class, you’ll definitely want to check them out for yourself. Your body – and baby – will thank you! 

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