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Experience the Joys of Prenatal Yoga in Philadelphia at Lumos!

Congratulations – you’re pregnant!! If you haven’t noticed already, you may soon discover many of the miraculous changes your body will be going through to bring your baby into the world. Whether you’ve always been active or looking for a new way to stretch out tired muscles, prenatal yoga in Philadelphia is a fabulous solution to staying active. 

New to the concept of prenatal yoga? It utilizes many of the same practices as regular yoga but on a scale that is a little more mindful of your growing baby. It encourages stretching, mental presence, mindful breathing, and connecting all three in a single practice.

A mother in a blue floral dress lays across a bed with a hand on her sleeping newborn baby prenatal yoga philadelphia

In fact, prenatal yoga studies have shown it can help expecting moms improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and decrease bothersome symptoms like lower back pain, nausea, and headaches. It can also help you improve flexibility and endurance and strengthen muscles you’ll need throughout childbirth. Additionally, it can help you create a new community of other pregnant women, giving you a space to ask questions, share concerns, and bond over this incredible phase of life. 

If you’re pregnant and ready to give prenatal yoga a try, I highly recommend you check out Lumos Yoga & Barre in Philadelphia. While they offer a variety of classes for yogis from all walks of life, they offer specialty prenatal (and postnatal) classes designed for moms-to-be to take a little time for themselves, alleviate some stress, and connect with their babies. 

About Prenatal Yoga in Philadelphia at Lumos

Lumos is a welcoming neighborhood yoga studio that provides a space for yogis of all ages, experiences, shapes, sizes, identities, and orientations to practice together. Their spacious studio has been designed with sustainability in mind, so you’ll find amenities like a water bottle filling station and reusable, locally laundered hand towels. Check them out at either of their two Philly locations (at 2001 Green Street and 2329 Parrish Street), or pick up one of their outdoor classes at the Corinthian Gardens!

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Lumos offers a variety of yoga classes that are ideal for all levels of practice. In addition to yoga, they also offer Barre, pilates, HIIT, and combo classes that will help you torch calories and break a sweat. 

For pregnant mamas, they offer prenatal yoga classes and Mama’s LIIT classes. These classes support moms to be the best and strongest version of themselves. These classes are typically capped at lower numbers, too. Hence, you’ll have a little more personalized attention from a Certified Prenatal Postpartum Fitness Trainer and Yoga instructor. 

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Yoga isn’t the only thing Lumos offers for pregnant moms-to-be; they also have special Prenatal/Postpartum Strength & Yoga Class + Pelvic Floor Workshops. They have partnered with Restore Physical Therapy and Pelvic Health in Manayunk for a combo event that includes a yoga class and a session with a physical therapist who will discuss pelvic floor help as you prepare for or recover from childbirth. 

Prenatal Yoga Philadelphia

Even if you’re feeling a little on the fence about trying a prenatal yoga class, I highly encourage you to give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised by how in tune with your body you feel, especially at a time when it is starting to feel a little more foreign every day. Plus, who doesn’t want a little extra quiet time away from the hustle of the outside world? Check out Lumos’ schedule for prenatal yoga in Philadelphia and try one out to see the benefits for yourself. 

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