Breastfeeding is a journey in and of itself. While it can be an enriching experience that provides plenty of benefits for both mom and baby, it certainly isn’t always the easiest path. Sometimes, enlisting the help of a lactation consultant can make all the difference in the world. The right consultant provides non-judgmental support, using […]

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Read more about in-home newborn sessions and what gives them that dreamy look.

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While pregnancy should be an exciting time, it can be hard to enjoy it when you’re constantly battling with anxiety. The truth is, having a baby means throwing yourself into an ocean of mysteries. While there’s no way to know exactly what will happen throughout your delivery, there are ways to make sure you feel […]

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A ton of time goes into planning your baby’s nursery. Everything from the pictures on your walls to the books on the shelves has been carefully thought out. You’ve worked hard to create a gorgeous space where your child drifts to dreamland every night. Now, you just need to ensure your furniture keeps your child […]

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The earliest days of parenthood feel like a haze. You get lost in the feeding sessions and the sleepless nights. While the dishes pile up and the hamper overflows, you could spend infinite hours simply gazing at their perfect faces. Trust me. These days fly by! You should get to enjoy this season without stressing […]

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As a photographer, I spend a lot of time getting to know different families’ styles. Every single one is so unique! They have their routines, inside jokes, and individual tastes. So, why settle for fashion that is identical to everyone else’s? Philadelphia has so many fabulous baby boutiques stocked with every style imaginable. If you’ve […]

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Trying to decide what you should wear when you bring your newborn to be photographed can be a daunting thought. What size will you be? How will you be feeling? What will look good? The endless questions start to pop into your head. I know how difficult it can be to adjust to life with […]

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When Mom inquired for her second baby’s newborn session she explained the importance of sibling photos and incorporating her oldest (who was about to become a big sister) into the pictures as well. Being a Mom myself, I totally understand the importance of this. Welcoming a new baby is a lot of change, especially for […]

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There is no cuter combo than dogs and newborns! Often times I am asked if dogs are allowed in the studio for newborn sessions. Originally, when I was in my much smaller studio, I was not able to accommodate this request. However, now that my space has more than doubled in size, my answer has […]

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The miracle of multiples is always very fascinating to me. As a Newtown Baby Photographer,  I love having twins in the studio because I have the ability to capture the bond between babies who just shared the same womb for 9 whole months! How amazing is that? These past few months I have had numerous […]

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