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Liz Lehmann at Nourished Families in PA for Postpartum Support!

The earliest days of parenthood feel like a haze. You get lost in the feeding sessions and the sleepless nights. While the dishes pile up and the hamper overflows, you could spend infinite hours simply gazing at their perfect faces. Trust me. These days fly by! You should get to enjoy this season without stressing about anything other than that sweet little bundle in your arms. Liz Lehmann from Nourished Families provides postpartum help that allows you to do just that! If you’ve been looking for a little extra help so you can fully enjoy the early months of your baby’s life, I’d love to tell you more about her. 

About Liz Lehmann at Nourished Families

Liz Lehmann was always passionate about helping out her mom friends after they had babies. She would bring meals and books, provide a shoulder to cry on, and snuggle with their adorable babies. So the moms could take a shower or get some needed rest. When she decided it was time to start a family of her own, though, it became a long and painful journey. While pregnancy came easily, she would get severe morning sickness, gestational diabetes, PUPPS, and eventually preeclampsia. She lost her first baby at 28 weeks and found solace in her postpartum doula. When she had her next two children, her doula returned and was a constant aide. Once her children went to school, she decided she wanted to provide the same services for families. Today, she prides herself on providing non-judgmental assistance to families who need that same help when welcoming a new baby. 

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Liz provides postpartum doula support for families adjusting to life with a newborn. Day or night, she can be there, providing you with gentle guidance and hands-on assistance. She’ll assist you with however you want to feed your baby, help with light housework that might be piling up, and work with siblings who might be struggling with this major change. She’s a pro when it comes to handling those who might be dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety. And she understands that the endless string of texts and phone calls can just compound the stress. If you’d like, she can screen your phone for you so you can have some blessed peace of mind. 

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One of my favorite things about Liz is that she means it when she says she provides judgment-free assistance. She knows how stressful it can be when everyone pushes their preferred feeding method on you. She’s not here to do that, but she does want to give you assistance if breastfeeding just isn’t clicking. If you’d like assistance with your breastfeeding journey, she’ll provide you with lactation consultation appointments. She’ll work on you with positioning, solve common problems, and help you learn how to maintain a healthy milk supply. 

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Liz Lehmann at Nourished Families

You deserve to be able to enjoy these postpartum months to their fullest! By hiring Liz Lehmann at Nourished Families, you’ll have help so you can fall in love with the early days. 

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