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My number 1 tip for your Family Session | Newtown Photographer

As a Newtown family photographer, it is my job AND goal to make sessions stress fee. After years of photographing families, I have found the key to what makes family sessions enjoyable for all members of the family! You won’t believe it when I tell you this tip but it is tried and true.  My number. 1 tip for a family session is to relax and let me do all the work. Let me further explain: 

Picture yourself, an hour before you have to leave, you’re trying to figure out what to wear if your dress matches your son’s shirt, you’re running around still having to feed everyone before heading out the door, and let’s not forget to do your hair and makeup.

Ugh! I’ve been there before. What a stressful start. By the time you get out the door and get to the session your kids start fighting, misbehaving, or throwing their ultimate tantrum. You want to shrivel up in a ball and go right back home. Does this sound familiar? If so, it makes sense as to why the sessions are stressful, they started out stressful. It becomes hard to unwind after all of that.

So now, you’re ready for the pictures but you are tense, your husband is annoyed, and your kids are running wild. If it sounds all too familiar, it’s because being a Mom and a photographer I know exactly how it goes.

This is WHY I build my sessions to avoid these scenarios. First, your styling and wardrobe are taken care of, and a huge check box is crossed off.

Your hair and makeup is also taken care of. Imagine that…being pampered prior to your session. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Let’s face it, typically we moms are the last to get ready adding to the stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Arrive at your session feeling relaxed and ready to roll. It becomes enjoyable and believe it or not, fun! 

When you are less stressed, so are your kids. They become more relaxed and then magic can unfold. After years of photographing children I know that this number one tip for your family session works! You can create those beautiful frame-worthy memories of your family enjoying the moment, spending time together, and loving on one another. It’s about the simple moments together- sharing jokes, cuddling your sweet babe, laughing because a potty word was said. I can guarantee when parents are not stressed, the sessions flows so smoothly! Let me help you remove the stress and create a fun, enjoyable, and frame-worthy session for you and your family! 

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Ashley is a Philadelphia newborn photographer with 9 plus years of experience. She specializes in newborn, maternity, baby, & family photography. Her studio located in Newtown, PA – Bucks County.

If you are looking for a family photographer, I would love to begin planning the perfect session for you. My sessions are built around serving each client fully by creating a stress-free and enjoyable experience. From the option of hair and makeup to borrowing a dress from my curated studio wardrobe, I am here to help you and make this a memorable time for you ! Contact me here to learn more about the experience and to reserve your session with me or email directly at AshleyBlairPhotography@gmail.com! If you would like to see more of my portfolio and learn more about me, please click here and take a look around my website

Ashley has also been featured on Expertise.com as one of the best newborn photographers in the Philadelphia area.



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