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My top five baby items!

For those who don’t know, I had a baby boy this past September. Since baby items are fresh on my mind, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite baby items that I have used the most during these last 7 months. Shopping for baby items can be overwhelming to say the least. There are SO many options, SO many brands, and practically too many choices. Analysis paralysis can happen pretty easily when shopping for baby. Some items are a must, some are a nice to have, and some you will just find that you really didn’t need. The hard part is, every baby is different. For example, I have four kiddos, two didn’t like the swing, while the other two did. While I would put this on my must have list, it’s really hard to say what every baby will take to. I do have 5 items though, that were a must for me and that I found extremely helpful for each baby of mine, so I wanted to share with you! *Please note, this is not an ad, nor am I being paid for this, just sharing my experience!!

Also these are in no particular order! They are all equally my favorite

baby white swaddle Moses basket

Number 5Baby Brezza – Hands down the most helpful invention for formula feeding moms. This is like having a personal baby barista in your home! This helped me the most for those middle of the night feeds when the last thing I wanted to do was make and warm a bottle. You literally hit a button and the bottle is made and warmed within the matter of seconds. I used this thing every single night and day. It was such a nice little luxury to have, especially at 3am when I was half asleep!

Number 4- Magic Merlin Seep Suit– When you have a baby, you often hear about swaddles and how baby’s sleep best in a swaddle, which they do. BUT eventually, baby becomes strong enough to break out of that swaddle. When this happens they are usually still young enough where their startle reflex is waking them up. So now you are at a weird in between stage where your baby still needs a swaddle but is breaking loose so the swaddle becomes no longer effective. This is where the sleep suit comes in. The sleep suit softens the startle so they don’t wake from it. As hilarious as it is to see you baby in what looks like a space suit, your baby feels snug and relaxed, helping them to sleep longer stretches. Can’t beat that!

Number 3Portable White Noise– A noise machine is a must. That felt too obvious to put on this list but something that I have been loving these past months are my portable sound machine. A client introduced me to this and it’s the best. When the baby falls asleep in the car, in the stroller, somewhere that isn’t in his crib, I pull this thing out to drown out the noise. Being that he is my fourth, there is almost always loud background noise, this helps prolong his sleep when he is sleeping on the go.

mom in blue dress holding newborn baby

Number 2Elvie portable breast pump– I knew this time around, I would never pump if I had to be prisoned by the wall outlet. The Elvie was on my must have list to allow me to pump more often especially while being on the go. It was so convenient to pop in my bra and drop the older kids off to school or do things around this house. I could easily do a task and have those in without anyone even knowing. If you are a Mama on the go, I highly recommend this! Still keep your plug in pump though. It’s nice to be able to use them both at different times. Also, check with your insurance. Mine covered a good chunk of this.

Number 1Halo bassinet WITH infant insert– My older kids always slept in the Rock and Play which later became recalled and was no longer sold in stores. I had to find a new sleep solution for the newborn period which would still allow for good sleep for both me and him. I was recommend the Halo bassinet but he didn’t love it originally. He like to be cuddled and snug and it just wasn’t providing that UNTIL I found the newborn insert that HALO sells separately. That was a game changer. He instantaneously slept longer stretches once I installed that in the bassinet. It hugs the baby’s body so they feel more snug and secure but it is made of mesh so it is safe for baby. High recommend!

And those are my top Five! I hope you found this list helpful!! Remember, each baby is different but these items consistently win me over!

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