October 15, 2020


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How to find the best Maternity & Newborn Photographer for YOU

No two photographers are made alike. We all have different styles, offer different products, create different experiences, and even have different pricing structures. So how do you find the perfect photographer for you?

  1. Style– Find a photographer whose images move you. Do their pictures speak to you? Upon your search you will notice a variety of styles. For instance, you may find someone with dark/moody images versus a photographer similar to my style, which is more light, airy, and organic. Decide which style you are more drawn to and seek that type of photographer.

  2. Products – Do you prefer to have all the digitals or are products important to you as well? Some photographers are all inclusive, offering mainly just digital images, where others are more product focused. As both a photographer and mom, I understand the importance of both. I know how important the digitals are to many people which I why I provide my clients with the option to puchase their digital images. However, I also see the value in products. My main two products which I have really put much time and effort in seeking out the best quality are albums and custom frames. Both products are designed to provide a way to display and protect your art while being able to pass it down generation to generation. As a busy mom, I know how easy it for your images to go on the cloud and never be seen again rather than be framed or put in albums, so that is why as a photographer I focus on doing this for you! I know how quickly life can get in the way of these tasks on your to-do list!

  3. Experience– Look for a photographer who is both experienced in working with newborns while at the same time provides you with a memorable experience. Newborn photography is unique in a sense that as photographers we must know how to safely handle and position a newborn. Safety is and always has been my number one. Working as a newborn photographer for 7 plus years, plus with my background as a nurse prior to a photography, I understand the importance of safety. I handle my newborns as if they were my own. Not only have I taken workshops on safely posing newborns, but I am also up to date on all my vaccines. During your search, make sure the photographer you decide on also places an emphasis on safety.

Keeping these three key things in mind, you will be able to find a photographer to perfectly fit your needs! 🙂

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