February 2, 2023


Ashley Blair


One Year/Cake Smash

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First Birthday Sessions | Newtown Baby Photographer

There are lots of things to celebrate at the one baby’s first birthday session!! A full year of parenting has passed and your survived it! Let’s be honest, if you have had a colicky baby, when you’re in the thick of that newborn period, you start to question your survival skills! Have you been there? Lack of sleep, mental exhaustion, it can feel like the walls are caving in. When you are in week 6, one year can feel so very far away. But yet, some how, some way, the one year mark sneaks up on you. You’ve watched milestones pass on by. Holding his head up during tummy time, sitting by himself independently, taking that first bite of food, gosh this list could go on and on. With each day, passes a new special moment, and new “first”, and your love just grows stronger. It’s an amazing year, filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears. 

There is nothing more special than to commemorate the end of the first year with a One Year portrait session. A First Birthday Session is such a special way to preserve your memories.

This session captures your little one’s personality that is starting to emerge. It shows their growth in one short year. It documents the milestone they are mastering at that one year mark. Whether they are standing with support or fully walking, capturing it is something you will always want to remember!

My one year sessions are usually a combination of individual portraits of your baby, followed by family pictures, and then end with a cake smash (this is optional) in my antique high chair. Such a fun way to celebrate that one year mark!! There truly is nothing more special than celebrating the growth of your baby AND the growth of you as a parent!

Hair and makeup by Nancy Caroline , cake by The Caketeria.

This sweet family celebrated their little boy’s celebration with a first birthday photo session back in December.  We did end with a cake smash and he was definitely a fan. Here is a little peek at Roman’s First Year session

baby boy smiling in basket
Roman One Year 13 first birthday session
baby boy rocking horse
baby in moses basket
Roman One Year 11 first birthday session
first year portraits baby boy
one year old pictures baby sitting
family photo mom dad baby philadelphia photographer
mom and baby newtown pa
Roman One Year 63 first birthday session
Roman One Year 32 first birthday session
Roman One Year 50 first birthday session
baby with blue first birthday cake newtown cake smash
Roman One Year 71 first birthday session
baby eating cake philadelphia first birthday photographer
Roman One Year 80 first birthday session
baby feet

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