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My Top 5 Baby Items

I can vividly remember being pregnant with my first child and walking aimlessly down the aisles of Babies R Us to register. With so many items to pick from, how would I know what was essential and a must have item. Every item seemed important! Well, 9 years and 3 kids later, I have definitely figured out the essentials, the must haves, the could not live with-outs! Being that I often work with pregnant and new moms I get asked often what some of my favorite baby items are. So, I decided to dedicate a blog post to the top 5 baby items that should be on the MUST HAVE list. I also enlisted the support of my Instagram followers (who most are moms and dads) to get their top item as well. With our Mom (and Dad) brain power united, here is the list we came up with! (This is not an ad, just some recommendations from a moms to moms!)

1: Sound Machine – Hands down this was the most popular response and I completely agree! I don’t think I could survive without our sound machines! Each one of my kids has had one in their rooms from the time they were babies. I swear by them! There are several different options to chose from. I own Bohm and homemedics (this one is a cheaper option), both of which you can find on Amazon. My followers also highly recommended the Hatch sound machine.

2: Swaddles – Babies naturally like being swaddled. Not only does it help soothe them, but it also helps them sleep better. If you have had a newborn session with me, you know how I like to swaddle my newborns!! It makes all the difference. The Halo swaddle is one of my favorite swaddles! Once you baby transitions out of swaddles, my next favorite is Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. Your baby may look like they are about to take off into space but let me tell you firsthand, this thing works! We used it with my son until he learned to roll over and it was a sleep life-saver!

3. Baby wraps – This was another popular response for must haves and I also agree. Whether it be an ergo or a Solly baby wrap (I own both), it is definitely something worth thinking about putting on your list. Some babies like to be held and kept close and while nothing is better than snuggling a baby, life requires us to do more than just that! If you plan to have more than one baby, you will quickly realize how a wrap or baby carrier can quickly become you new best friend when you have a newborn and toddler at home. I also used mine while I was out at the store. Rather than carting the carrier all over the place (especially at the grocery store with no room in your cart), a wrap can be a great convenience! PLUS babies tend to love them!

4. Baby Monitor – I would definitely agree, this is a must have and is probably one of the most used baby items in my home (a close tie with the sound machine!). While there are a huge variety or brands and kinds out there, a video one with the ability to talk into is definitely key (in my opinion). Some of my followers also recommended the Owlet sock. I did not own this, so I can not speak to it but I do know several moms that have it and they always say how much peace of mind it gives them!

5. Nose Frida – OK, so this may be the most controversial item on the list but I swear by it! I will admit, you have to get past the “gross” factor for this one. BUT when you baby wakes up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose, crying out of discomfort you will do just about anything to make him/her more comfortable. At 3am, I can guarantee you will jump to use this item just so you can ease your baby’s congestion! I can still remember the time my oldest came down with her first cold. She was months old and miserable. All I wanted was for her was to breathe easier. When my friend told me about this gadget I ran out to buy it and it was one of those items that I never thought I needed so much until that moment!

I hope this list is useful for you as you embark on the journey of registering for your baby! I wish you all the best welcoming your newest little love into the world!!

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